Leeds Festival 2022 // Saturday // Preview

2022 // Saturday 27th August // Leeds Festival 2022

Moshmag Preview by Stanley D Kippax

A good name can make or break a career. There’s a reason David Bowie binned off the Jones or Stevland Morris became Stevie Wonder. Kurt Cobain’s first band was apparently called Fecal Matter which is both literally and figuratively a shit name. That being said Snow Patrol definitely should have stuck with “Shrug” as it’s hard to think of more suitable description.

With all that in mind there’s only one place we’re starting on Saturday and that’s Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes (ahh the Rattlesnakes, the band the Bee Gees could have been; literally, look it up). Hemel Hempstead is a notoriously difficult place to extract yourself from (damn magic roundabout) but thank god Mr Carter managed it.

The evocatively named Black Honey follow FCATR on  Main Stage East, the band have in the past cited the White Stripes, the Hive and Nancy Sinatra as influences, for me there’s something No Doubt Gwen Stefani about the vocals with a heavy driving bass, well worth a watch. Alternatively stroll over to the Festival Republic Stage for what is very likely to be a high energy set from Dublin band the Scratch.

For those late risers still struggling from the night before Bakar seems like the perfect hang over cure to bring you back round for the days events, the vocals alone smoothing even the roughest heads.

Now I must confess, for me Megan Thee Stallion is one of those artists whose reputation proceeded them. I’m sure I’d heard of her before I’d actually heard her. After making her name on social media at one time Megan Thee Stallion seemed to be every single in the charts. Outrageous costumes and big bold basslines and pissing off the right wing gobshites everywhere it’s sure to be quite a show. She takes to the Mane Stage (geddit?!) at 20.30.

Which brings us to Dave, or David if you’re reading this on a Sunday. Everyone has a friend called Dave and if you’ve not got a friend called Dave then, respectfully, you need to get more friends. Alternatively, get yourself over to the Main Stage East for (21.30) and revel in the occasion that will be Dave’s headline set.

Such is the influence of the man that Alex from Glastonbury (the kid he got up on stage to AJ Tracey part of Thiago Silva) once did a DJ set on the Thursday night. The crowd at Main Stage East is likely to be absolute huge so if you too want a chance of being booked for the LS23 next year you I’d suggest taking in Polo G beforehand (19.30) or risk being stranded at the back.

Gives fans a decision to make, no decision for us though, we’re off to see Fever 333 tearing it up at the Festival Republic Stage, this is MoshMag after all, see you there Comrades.

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