Leeds Festival 2022 // Saturday // Review

2022 // Saturday 27th August // Leeds Festival 2022

Moshmag Review by Daniel Bowdler

Its funny, bands spend years longing staring up at festival stages desperately hoping one day they too will make the bill. Then opportunity knocks, all that hard work pays off, they can’t wait to get back in pit with the fans. Please don’t think I’m complaining I love everything about it. In fact, all bands should be forced to select one band member to beginning the set in the middle of the crowd, though I’m not necessarily sure the world’s bass guitarists would agree.

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes started the mayhem with a set played predominantly from the front row. He’s a master of the art of crowd surfing, check out our pictures here https://moshmag.co.uk/festivals/frank-carter-leeds-festival/

MoshMag then decamped to the Festival Republic Stage for back to back sets from the Scratch and Witch Fever.

The Scratch were a band MoshMag were particularly keen to see, so image our surprise to find relatively small crowd being asked to participate in tuning up. The full review can be found here but what started as a relatively intimate affair ended with a huge jigging mosh pit and a lad called Will up on stage. Check out our review here https://moshmag.co.uk/festivals/the-scratch/

The diminutive in stature but absolutely huge in stage presence Witch Fever lead singer Amy Walpole continued the place switching theme. Moments into their energetic set Amy was down to the front and over the barrier, long gone amongst the lively crowd.

Amy had the crowd captivated and took the opportunity to make a really important point. “Traditionally the music industry has been racist, misogynistic, homophobic and transphobic and we wont stand for it. Festivals are rife with shitty behaviour, if you see it happening call it out. Don’t be a predator. Be kind”. Echoing similar sentiments expressed by Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes moments earlier.

Inclusivity is a theme https://www.leedsfestival.com/news/enough-campaign/ of this years festival which we at MoshMag wholeheartedly 100% support. All types of music, in every possible for and setting should be accessible for everyone to enjoy and participate in. There’s absolutely no excuse for acting like a dickhead.

As MoshMag left the Festival Republic tent an alternative gravitational pull seemed to take hold. The entire site seemed to be making there way to Bakar’s much anticipated set 14.30 set. I swear even the bumper cars were being drawn towards the BBC Radio 1 Dance Tent. Well over subscribed, those unlucky enough to miss out were flung out to the satellite stages. Even one of MoshMags brave reporters was jettisoned, cast spinning away, only finding refuge in the BBC Radio 1Xtra tent to catch Queen Millz with a guest appearance from Diana Drill.

Not, however, to be denied, MoshMag are able to bring you a taste of what seemingly half the festival missed below.

Guitar bands dominated the middle section of the day, with a Grime scheduled for later in the day. All Time Low (don’t talk yourself down lads, I thought you were excellent) on Main Stage West followed hot on the heels of Circa Waves taking to Main Stage East half an hour earlier.

Genuine world superstar Megan Thee Stallion (Main Stage West 20.35) provides the support for the UK’s own somewhat more understated superstar Dave on tonight’s Main Stage East headline slot at 21.45. Check the gallery below later for all the photographs from both.

Check out our full Saturday gallery below!

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