Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes // Leeds Festival 2022

Saturday 27 August – Main Stage East 12.00

“We came to open this stage so you can have the best day of your fucking life” well if that’s the case those who saw Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes open the Main Stage East got off to an excellent start. Right from the off Frank was on form, directing proceedings like an over eager security. “Pull my legs together, do I look like I can do the fucking splits?” as he rose from the crowd for the second time.

Frank’s been there before, regaling the crowd with the tale of the time his pants split last time he played Leeds broadcasting one arse and half a set of testicles across the big screen.

There’s a humour and warmth to the band, everyone is welcome just as they are. Two songs in Frank stopped the show to create a huge pit. Those who identified as male were charged with that job of keeping the pit safe for females and non-binary. “I promise you’ll not see a happier pit all weekend”.

Another song and another band member joined the crowd. Guitarist Dean Richardson joined Frank, sometimes horizontal, sometimes vertical, always in time. Its hard enough playing a guitar stood upright. Again, wanted to rearrange the crowd. This time creating two spinning pits one round himself, the other round Dean.

In total FCATR played 5 songs, that crammed an awful lot into that time. “Who opened the stage today?!” Frank screamed. “Frank Carter and the fucking Rattlesnakes that’s who!” and boy did they do a good job!

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