Daisy Brain // Leeds Festival 2022

2022 // Friday 26th August // Leeds Festival 2022

Moshmag Review by Daniel Bowdler

“This is a dream come true for us, who’s ready to have a fucking party?” Daisy Brain laid it out there early in a faux American accent to the small but loyal crowd assembled in the Festival Republic tent. In some ways it was the perfect summary of the Will Tse and Daisy Brain. From first impression Daisy Brain could easily hail from 90’s Seattle. The cut off jeans, Converse and the Kurt Cobain haircut all scream 90s grunge. But something about his lyrics feel quintessentially British. There’s a caustic sarcasm in 2021 release Boring only a British artist seem to specialise in and Tse does not disappoint.

Opening with Lost for Words, a song about the vulnerability of falling in love followed up with Kleptomaniac. Call me introspective if you will, but I love a song that references everyday UK life, nicking phones from Curry’s PC World you say?! Tell me more. Digital Atlas followed, a song about World of Warcraft addiction (about time this blight on society was addressed head on).

The set closed with the darker theme, in both subject matter with Down, a song about depression and I Hate Mondays, with its moody bassline and melody. Outside the tent the younger section of the Leeds crowd passed the Festival Republic tent on their way to Bad Boy Chiller Crew, all bright colours and mini sunglasses it felt like all aspects of the 90s were well and truly back.

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