The DMA’s // Leeds Festival 2022

Leeds Festival 2022 //Friday 26th August 2022

Moshmag review by Stanley D Kippax

The Fast Show did a sketch in the mid-90s poking fun at the Britpop bands of the era. Their band “Colon” are given a big build up. We’re told they’re loud and dangerous and they’d rather “die than compromise” before launching into a sweet “Love Me Do” type pop song. Every time I see the DMAs I’m taken back to that sketch.

Much is made about the DMA’s look, particularly singer Tommy O’Dell, but they just look so…normal. What is striking is the sound they make. O’Dell’s vocals are beautifully unique and instantly recognisable. The band opened with The Glow and a cover of Crowded House’s Better Be Home Soon (the DMAs love a cover). Their new single I Don’t Need To Hide and In the Air followed.

The thing about a Yorkshire crowd is they’ll tell you what they think and the DMAs choice of black and white video footage on the big screen did not go down well with one fan near the back. “What’s wit black n white, we back in’t 60s?” But the DMAs knew the crowd would bring the colour.

As Silver began half the crowd grew about 3 feet. Bodies on shoulders, smoke bombs aloft, the contrast against the grey screens, a nice visual metaphor for a band of contrasts, as the crowd sang every word back at the band. Girlfriend followed before the bands outstanding cover of Cher’s Believe started the process all over again.

The band closed with Delete and Play It Out prompting a little pit down at the front.

“Yes Leeds, its good to be back” the feeling is reciprocated and following the close of Lay Down hopefully we wont have to wait too long to see them again.

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