Reading and Leeds Preview 2024

21 – 25 August – Braham Park (Leeds) & Richfield Avenue (Reading)

As Storm Isha whips the UK those balmy summer evenings seem like a lifetime away, but these long cold nights are getting marginally longer day by day and in exactly 7 months one of the biggest festivals of the season kicks off. Professional Northerner Stanley D Kippax looks forward to Reading and Leeds…well mainly Leeds…actually its all just Leeds.

Friends and Comrades. Its blowing a ruddy gale today and last week was fecking freezing so it seems like the perfect opportunity for some West Yorkshire Dreaming. So what do we know? Well on the 21 August Leeds Festival returns to Bramham Park for the opening rumblings of Leeds Festival.

As with previous years we’re likely to see a whole host of entertainment but alas, that’s not been released yet. What we do know however is that early indications suggest Friday night is going to be a rite gud laff.

Skrillex, the man of many genres, swaps his native LA for LS giving us our first shock of electronic. Speaking of shocks, there can’t have been too many to predict the return of Catfish and his Bottlemen in what is perhaps the most surprising comebacks in recent years.

From one come back to another, has any recent comeback in recent years been quite so dramatic as ‘R Liam’s. I’ve professed my undying love for LG on these pages before, however just over a decade ago, in November 2023, yours truly saw Beady Eye rip it up at the Manchester Academy. Our hero all swagger and snarl looking resplendent in his standard get up. He was incredible that night, just as he was at Knebworth in 2022. A 14 night summer tour is slated for June but good luck trying to get a ticket, it’s been sold out for months, which means if you want to see the King of Burnage’s Definitely Maybe show in full you better get your Leeds tickets asap.

Saturday night alright too. Spiritbox kick off our early listed acts with our first crash of metal on the big stages. Traditionally Leeds and Reading’s eclectic line ups often result in a jarring juxtaposition and from what we know so far this years return will be no different; Jorja Smith is next. Now I don’t mean to be presumptuous but I expect we’ll see a very different crowd at each. It really is one of the best things about Reading and Leeds, watching the movements of different herds, variety is the spice of life!

That said, if I was a betting man, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see The Prodigy follow Spiritbox on one stage. It’s to this hacks ultimate shame that I have never seen The Prodigy so it was to the delight of fans (and me) to see them booked to provide some intensity to early Saturday nights proceedings. The band returned to live shows in 2022 following the sad passing of Keith Flint and will no doubt be highlight of MoshMag’s festival.

Here we, here we, here we fucking go…its six string delights of Gerry C headlining the other stage. Glasgow’s finest is not the biggest fan of music journalists but in the style of Father Noel Furlong, MoshMag really like Gerry! What’s more, every Gerry crowd I’ve ever been in shares the sentiment. If you’ve never seen the big man from Castlemilk you’ve never seen a musician look like he’s having so much fun. His enthusiasm is as infectious as it is endearing and his songs are not to shabby either.

It’s a cliché, and whilst many a truth said in jest, if millennials needs to accept our fate as too old for festivals (Ed. Bollocks! You’re never to old sonny) then its only fair to wait until after Blink’s much anticipated headline slot at Leeds to bow out. A band who in burst on to the scene at the turn of the millennial in a manner Micah Richards would be proud of, have been a mainstay ever since and will no doubt Saturdays plumb slot justice having previously headlined in 2010 and 2014.

And in the 182 of an eye, we look to Sunday. Now I like Digga D but I find him a little mainstream. Real fans, I find, prefer his early work, particularly Digga A, Digga B and to a lesser extent Digga C. One of the UKs finest drill acts blow away those Sunday morning cobwebs early doors. Sticking with London’s hottest names Raye takes the baton, following up last years Glastonbury performance with a billing at another of the UK’s biggest festivals.

At this point the rule book is completely ripped up. Lana Del Rey makes an exclusive appearance as the headline…but not closing the show. I suppose when you consistently churn out 5 star show, after 5 star show you earn the right to set your own terms, there can’t be too many bigger acts touring next year so its a real coup for Reading and Leeds to get her pinned down. However, being a man of routine this has some what discombobulated this preview, one can only hope she gets her hair sorted early doors so she doesn’t impact on Fred Again…

As always with Reading and Leeds the organisers have pulled together a wonderful and eclectic line up. We know from previous years how important ensuring there’s a little bit of something for everyone and once again fans will not be disappointed. All tickets are now one sale including the option to stay in the brand new quiet campsite. Given the quality of artists already released you’d be wise to heed this old veterans advice, get your tickets booked early to avoid missing out; Leeds Festival | Tickets.

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