Reading and Leeds Update

21 – 25 August – Braham Park (Leeds) & Richfield Avenue (Reading)

Leeds Festival 2024 just got EVEN bigger! Over 50 names have been added to the line up…

Yesterday R&Ls released the next batch artists for next summers already steller line up, Stanley D Kippax takes a closer look how that’ll pan out at Braham Park.

Evenin’ pop pickers, as the dry January heads returned to having friends it seems the big dogs are Reading and Leeds decided it was time for few for names for the Reading and Leeds pot. We knew the headliners but who are we going to be watching during those long warm summer days? Well know we know.

Opening the now tradition Kiwi eight piece reggae and roots slot (I made that up for comic effect – don’t write in) are Corella, all the way from the land of fury fruit, sensible polite people and losing a cricket on boundaries. They’ll be (Ben) Stokesed to kick off the weekends events.

Likewise Danny Howard cuts the ribbon on the Chevron Stage, which is a weird thing for me to write because I use to know a Danny Howard, not the same fella though…aaannnnyyywaaayyyy DJ Kenny Beats follow him.

On MoshMag’s last visits t’ Gods own festival Pendulum absolutely blew us away. The energy, the sound and the show was immense, you can read the review here. That night the place was absolutely heaving so be sure to crack on down early if you fancy seeing more offerings.

The notorious Kneecap open the main stage on Saturday fresh from becoming the the subject of a feature film, upsetting the British tabloids and having a coffee with Big Jezza C. Call me crazy but this has the feel of one of those festival moments, not to be missed.

Following up Kneecap on the mainstage are, friends of MoshMag’s, the K’s. We make no secret of our affection for the boys from Warrington, you can even catch the work of resident photographer David Dillon on their recent Limited Edition LP. But if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, those boys are going places.

Der der der deeerr, its Confidence Man (have R&Ls chartered a jet from Australia and New Zealand or something?!) they’ll be saving the day over at the Radio 1 stage mid afternoon Saturday as we roll into early Saturday evening.

Is any Saturday truly complete without a Curry? Denzel spices up the Chevron Stage with his late afternoon / early evening slot? He follows Kenya Grace and the beautifully named Sim0ne earlier in the day. Quick shout out to Lambrini Girls over on festival republic, them ker-ray-zee gal’s just wanna have fun.

And to Sunday. If there’s one act down the bill on of the smaller stages you take in this year, please let it be The Scratch. They are the perfect way to shift a hang over and so taken with them we even had our MoshMag 2022 Christmas at their show in the Star and Garter in Manchester. High praise indeed!

Fella countrymen Fontaines DC were excellent last time they appeared at the Leeds and find themselves creeping up that bill. Headliners soon surely?! This time they’ll contend with providing ample support to pop act Raye who will undoubtedly be a hard act to follow.

Speaking of hard acts, Viagra Boys finish up Sunday over on the Festival Republic stage. The post-punk Swedish outfit are a real stand up set of lads. Comprised of six members expect a big throbbing political charged set.

And it seems fitting to leave it there, off the back of some knob jokes. This article could go on and on, but once again R&Ls looks a real treat, if you’ve not sorted your tickets you need to get moving (get them here now!!!) as announcements always prompt a flurry of sales, missing out would be a bitter (blue) pill to swallow.

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