Don broco

2021 // Thursday 28th November // Manchester Academy

Moshmag Review by Fran Curotto

Don Broco, the ever-evolving, alternative Pop-Rock Masters are back – in a BIG way! 

Fresh from the release of their hotly anticipated fourth studio album ‘Amazing Things’. They’re here tonight to play the first of two sold out shows at Manchester Academy.  

Fans are ready for them, as a giddy…almost nervous energy fills the venue. Looking out over the vast crowd, it’s quite a monumental moment. This time last year the prospect of live shows, and crowds seemed bleak, but here we are, together in one room…that is an amazing thing. 

Don Broco have soaked up the events & experiences from the last two years creating an album which masterfully delves into hard hitting, cultural and political topics. Whilst artfully delivering them in that unmistakable Don Broco style. 

This is why ‘Amazing Things’ has been so well received, it’s relatable, they haven’t been afraid to start difficult conversations. The lyrics pack a punch, they’re gritty, real, and it’s kind of reassuring to know, we aren’t experiencing these issues alone…we’re in this together…and tonight we’re all ready to rock.

In a haze of smoke and dancing red lasers, Don Broco emerge one by one on to the sci-fi stage before energetically bursting into – let’s face it, the only opening track that would do – “Manchester Super Reds No.1 Fan”. The crowd erupt in pure elation as frontman Rob Damiani explodes into his signature dancing. Pin balling from track to track straight into fan favourites from their outstanding 2018 release ‘Technology’ and then back to new tracks, he is an absolute master of crowd engagement!

It’s incredible to watch the ferocious energy that pours out of Don Broco, as they bounce off each other, their energy is simply infectious. Damiani eventually takes a moment for himself and exclaims how excited they are to be back in Manchester, and that they don’t want to tire us out too early! Before instantly jumping into the more playfully aggressive ‘Gumsheild’ where the crowd begin to move as one and form a huge mosh pit.

Support acts ‘Noisy’ & ‘Kid Brunswick’ reappear on stage, to join in on “Action”, much to the crowd, and Don Brocos delight!

As they move through their set, revisiting classics from their 2015 album ‘Automatic’ it’s clear to see that this is a diehard crowd! If you were in any doubt, the appearance of the ‘Push Up Squad’ in the middle of the mosh pit during “Endorphins & Thug Workout” confirms this…if you know, you know! 

This tour is the perfect amalgamation of Don Broco’s musical creativity, and the true multitude of genres they explore. Their diverse and ever-developing sound becomes more and more apparent as they traverse through their discography, and we get to hear these songs side by side. Yes, Don Broco are Rock, but we get so much more, Pop-Rock Fusion, Funk, Dance, Hard Rock Elements intertwined flawlessly with Damiani’s exhilarating vocals tying it all together! Don Broco are simply exciting, and what they have produced thus far makes for a well-rounded set list, filled with silly and satirical songs. 

Speaking of, they close with “Bruce Willis” a highly emotive, almost piano ballad like intro, before dropping deep into the synths, with Damiani going off on his vocals! This is pure Don Broco – it’s fun, fast-paced, total chaos – culminating in the sold-out crowd euphorically declaring “Yippee-Ki-Yay Motherfucker!”!!! Bruce Willis would be proud!

Just like that, Don Broco disappear into the smoke and lasers, before reappearing for their encore. Returning to the stage, for “Everybody” & “T-Shirt Song”. Both received by the crowd with the same unstoppable energy level as the start of the show. Damiani is a born performer and knows how to pull every ounce of energy from his audience! His last request – Their T-Shirts!

I couldn’t think of a more fitting way to close, than a sea of sweaty t shirts being swung above the heads of their elated fans. 

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